In the above video, learn to make your own do it yourself (DIY) leather strop for use in the field! Leather strops are perfect for perfectly honing your blades!

Learn a fast method of producing and obtaining natural tinder and feather or fuzz sticks for fire starting. This method of fire tender and feather or fuzz stick producing is especially useful when everything is wet with rain. This will produce good dry tinder and feather or fuzz sticks that will readily support a flame.

How to Harvest Elk from A - Z

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The best ways to Call, Trick, Track, Field Dress & Pack Big Game Disk #1 of 2 *Locating Elk *Setups *Calling Techniques *Ambush *Decoys *Ground Blind *Platform *Tracking & Recovery *Packing Tips Disk #2 *Field Dressing *Cutting & Wrapping *Hunting Equipment *Meat Preservation (JERKY) *Ground Blind Construction