"Survival Packs" for my little adventurers

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I love to take my kids out hiking, camping and in general showing the the great outdoors. It's something their mother was never really interested in and so before recently it isn't something that I shared with them. Back in January though she filed for a divorce and now we enjoy a 50/50 arrangement with the kids where I get them every other week. Because of that they are getting to spend a lot of time with me in the wild.

Because I want that experience to be enjoyable for them I made them some little survival packs that contain:

Pretty simple stuff really, but now they have it they are super excited to head off into the woods with dear old Dad! I decided not to give them anything to start fires with yet. I'm saving that until they are a little older.

I initially made their packs with some cheap fanny packs from Walmart, but they suck and the kids have a hard time keeping them on their waste. I decided to order them some sling packs from K-Mart to use instead. It gives them a little extra room for stuff like jackets and snacks, plus it sits comfortably on their backs instead of around their wastes. Still though, it's small enough where I won't hear complaints about how much their little bodies can carry!

Here's my little munchkins near Cotton Lake on Grand Mesa in Colorado:

Have you set your kids up with a "survival kit"? What did you put in it? Let us know in the comments!