Dave Canterbury's Five C's of Survival

Posted by El DiPablo | 7:00 AM |

I'm a big fan of the first two seasons of Dual Survival which starred Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury. Dave got fired after the second season for embellishing on his resume when applying for the Dual Survival gig, but in my opinion he has his stuff together when it comes to survival.

Here is Dave's video on Youtube where he apologizes to his fans for misrepresenting his past:

That being said, I was watching season one episode nine of Dual Survival and Dave broke down what he calls his five C's of survival. They are:

  • Cutting tool
  • Combustion device
  • Cover
  • Container that can boil water
  • Cordage
He surmises that if you have those five things then you can survive. I wanted to compare these items to my four recommended basic items you should always have with you when you venture out into the wild. For a refresher, those are:
  • A good fixed blade knife - Clearly that qualifies as a cutting tool. Check!
  • A good way to make fire - I recommend using fire steel. That happens to be a combustion device. Check!
  • A good way to carry water, and treat water - I recommend an army canteen set that includes a canteen cup. You can boil water with a canteen cup. That qualifies as a container. Check!
  • Cordage - I recommended always wearing a survival bracelet so you have useful cordage with you at all times. Cordage = cordage, so check there too!
The only thing I don't account for is cover, however with your knife and your cordage you can pretty reliably build your cover, so with my items you would be covered under Dave's five C's of survival.

In the end what these types of lists come down to is the basic need for shelter, water, fire and food. If you can secure those things using the tools I recommend, or similar tools, you will survive!

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