Knife Review: Hawke Harrier Elite

Posted by El DiPablo | 7:00 AM | , ,

Let me start this post by saying that I'm a big fan of Mykel Hawke. I enjoyed watching him when he was on Man, Woman, Wild, and I own both his Green Beret Survival Manual and his Special Forces Survival Handbook.

That being said I thought I would purchase one of his knives so I went for the Hawke Harrier Elite. The price was only $14.95 which wasn't that bad, but being that cheap did throw up a red flag. Now I've had inexpensive knives before like the Smith & Wesson Border Guard II that were in the $20 range and are tough as nails, so I wasn't immediately turned off.

First let me give you a list of it's features:

  • AUS-8 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Blackstone Coating
  • Flip out finger guard
  • G-10 Handle Scales
  • 3 3/4- inch blade
  • 8" Overall Length
  • Thumb studs
  • Pocket clip

So let me start off with the good, I like the tanto style blade and the blade was easy for me to sharpen. That is the extent of the good stuff. This knife is a real cheaply made (In China) piece of junk. The flip out finger guards on this sized knife are pointless and don't leave any room for your fingers. The general feel of the knife feels super cheap. Not only that but the coating on the hand grips started to chip off right out of the box.

Mr. Hawke is a world renowned survivalist, and as such should be ashamed to put his name on this product. I hear (I haven't tested them myself) that his more expensive knives are quite good, but this model needs to be recalled and discontinued.

That is my opinion, do you have any Hawke Brand knives? If so, which one(s)? Do you like them? Dislike them? Let us know in the comments.