One of the four basic items I always recommend having on you at all times is cordage. I accomplish this with my survival bracelet and my hat band! One other place I always keep additional cordage is on my feet!

Whenever I get a new pair of hiking boots, one of the first things I do is replace the laces with 550 paracord. It insures that I will always have just that much more paracord when I'm off in the wild. Check it out!

550 paracord has all sorts of uses. For one, you can make shoe laces! Another thing it's good for is lashings for shelter, weapons or other things. The inner strands make great snares and fishing line. You can also use paracord for bow stings for hunting, or starting a fire with a bow drill (However if you have to make primitive fire you've done screwed up!)

What other ways do you use paracord for? Let us know in the comments