Honoring 25 on 25 Mesa Road Geocaching Run

Posted by El DiPablo | 7:00 AM |

Team Kekj
A few months ago I did one of the longest geocaching runs I've ever tried near Delta Colorado. Normally I don't go out seeking quick "cache and dash" runs like this, but this one was unique. It was hidden by team  Kekj, and they were hiding these to honor all of the local geocachers in the area! Each cache is named after a local geocacher, and they named one after me!

My cache was called a14 after my handle Agent014 on geocaching.com. Here is the description from the cache page:

To be honest, the only really special thing about these caches are that they are named after local geocachers. Otherwise they are easy to find, and their little containers aren't all that special. Still, though it was a fun run for the numbers!

Here is a map of the run:

At first I thought about hiking this, but when I got out and found the first two caches I realized that they are all really close together, and all just off the road so I drove and picked them all up quickly!

If you ever get out to the Delta Colorado area, I highly suggest you going for this run. You can knock them all out in about an hour or so.