What type of survivalist are you?

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Cody Lundin
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A while back I was reading an interview with former Dual Survival star, and primitive living skills instructor Cody Lundin. The interview was about the dangers of survival entertainment, and was a pretty good read. One of the things I gathered from the article was the understanding of the different type of "survivalists" out there. In fact, Cody said:
Modern survival is different from primitive living skills, which is different from urban preparedness, which is different from homesteading, which is different from wilderness living or “bushcrafting.” They all revolve around various aspects of self-reliance, just like all of the different doctors revolve around dealing with the human body.
So let's take a look at each of these. The first one Cody mentions is modern survival. Later in the article Cody describes "modern survival" as a scenario where you:
...are trying to get out alive, its short term. Obtaining rescue is the main intention.
That means, doing what you can to attract attention. Generally the things you need in a modern survival scenario are shelter, water and fire. In most cases people are rescued in a few days, and in that situation eating bugs and hunting aren't necessary for survival because the human body in general can survival for three weeks without food, but only three days without water.

Next, Cody mentions primitive living skills. Cody says:
In a primitive living scenario, you are already home, living off the land. There is no rescue.
This type of living is generally a way of life. Living off the land like our ancestors did. Making fires with sticks, hunting and gathering, etc. You get the idea.

The third type of survivalist Cody mentions is urban preparedness. He doesn't explain it further in the article, but I think what he is talking about is the type of person you see on Doomsday Preppers. The kind of person who builds a bunker under their house, and stocks it full of water, medicine and MREs to be able to survive a major disaster in an urban area for an extended period of time.

The next type of survivalist Cody mentions is a homesteader. This is very similar to the primitive living type, except they aren't bound by primitive living per se. They might live in a cabin, with an outhouse in the middle of Alaska. A good example of this is the show Alaska: The Last Frontier. That show follows the Kilcher family in Alaska who are second and third generation homesteaders. The whole show is about them preparing for the next season which means growing and harvesting crops, raising cattle, hunting, fishing and obtaining firewood. Again, in this scenario there is no rescue, it is just a way of life.

The final type of survivalist seems to be the most popular which is wilderness living, or bushcrafting. These types of people like to go camping and bring little to no supplies. Maybe a knife or an axe, then live off the land for a few days. They make their fires with sticks or flint and steel, they build their shelters, and they know all of the edible plants wherever they go.

After listing all of these out, I'd say I'm definitely a modern survivalist. I like the conveniences of modern living, but I want to have the skills to survive long enough to be rescued if I get lost in the back country. I also never go into the wild without being prepared!

So what kind of survivalist are you? Let us know in the comments!