I'm a big fan of television survival shows. In a lot of these show they bring some gear that one might find in that particular scenario. One thing they always bring though is a knife. In fact, there is only one episode of Dual Survival that I remember Cody Lundin didn't have his neck lanyard knife, and that was when he was in his home state of Arizona and he demonstrated making primitive stone tools.

So it makes me wonder, if you are smart enough to bring your knife, why not bring at the very least one or two more things to help you survive? I've listed previously my four items I think you should always have when trekking in the wilderness. If at the very least you only want to bring a knife, then why not bring a knife like Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival knife? I have one and I love it!

My Bear Grylls knife with homemade paracord lanyard
The reason I say to take Bear's knife (Whether you like Bear Grylls or not) is that it also comes with a ferro rod, which means that if you find yourself in a survival situation, at least you can get a fire going without having to resort to rubbing sticks together!

I've also added some paracord as a lanyard to my knife so I have some cordage with me as well as ways to make snares or traps. Just having my Bear Grylls knife I have three of the four things I always recommend taking with you in the woods.

So, if you're going to bring a knife why not bring a Bear Grylls knife (Or something similar)? Doing that will make your life much easier.