What is Geocaching?

Posted by El DiPablo | 7:00 AM |

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is Geocaching. It is basically a high-tech game where people hide a container with a log in it, then upload the GPS coordinates for that container to Geocaching.com, then people like me go out and try to find those containers using a GPS device or a smart phone.

The containers can range from the size of a button to a giant Tupperware container. A lot are stored in old army ammo cans. The bigger ones not only contain a log book, but also "swag" items like little toys that kids can trade, or trackable items like Geocoins or Travel bugs.

Once you start Geocaching you find that they are literally hidden everywhere. If you are at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, pull out your smart phone with your Geocaching app and I bet there are a few right down the block! The best ones in my opinion require some hiking, but that's because I like to hike!

If you want to see Geocaching in action, the game is featured in a 2009 movie called Splinterheads!

Here is a preview:

Anyway, you get the idea right? It's actually pretty fun to do and gives you a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy some nature!