My smoking hot girlfriend was on the other side of the state today attending a conference, so with nothing better to do and a whole lot of good weather I decided to take a little day hike with my dog Sadie. We decided to head out to the high desert of Escalante-Dominquez National Conservation Area near Delta Colorado.

Whenever I head out into the wild I make sure I notify someone in case I get lost, or suffer an injury. That way, when I'm not back when I'm supposed to be they can alert search and rescue. I wasn't too worried about getting lost or injured, but things happen. Anyway, I let my girlfriend know where I was going and when I should be back.

I also brought my standard four items that I never go out into the wild without:

Along with the essentials, I had a small first aid kit in my pack, and an MRE for trail food!

It was a fun trek out with my dog. Here are some pictures I took:

The beginning of our journey

Sadie getting ready to cross the tracks

Quick selfie at the beginning

Sadie on the lookout for rabbits

Thirsty girl getting a drink from my canteen cup

View of the Gunnison River

MRE Peanut butter and crackers. Trail food of champions!

Another quick selfie

Sadie found the only mud puddle in the whole desert!

A look back at the trail

US West technicians did a great job "fixing" this

Lunch time!

Flameless heaters rule!

Sadie cooling off in the hot muddy creek
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look at my pictures. I honestly haven't blogged here in a while. Everything has been on autopilot. I better get hot on writing again pretty soon though because my posts are going to run out next month if I don't!