My Homemade Antler Handle Ferro Rods

Posted by El DiPablo | 7:00 AM | ,

A few months back I ordered four blank ferro rods, also known as fire steels from In my opinion, he has the best deal on blank ferro rods. You can also get blank ferro rods from Neither of these two sites are sponsors.

I decided I wanted to put antler handles on them for that classic look, and when I attended the Cedaredge Apple Festival last October I found a guy who was selling antler spikes. I bought one for $5.00 and took it home and cut it into four pieces using a band saw.

After I had the pieces I drilled holes into them using a 5/16" drill bit, then squeezed a little Gorilla Glue inside. With the glue in, all I had to do was stick the rods in and let them dry. Check them out!

The one thing I should warn you about if you are thinking about making these is that since the inside of a deer antler is porous, and Gorilla Glue expands, the excess glue may expand out the back of the antler through the tiny pores. You will have to check back on it regularly to wipe off the excess glue with a wet rag.

They look pretty sharp right? I decided to keep the big one and give the other three away as Christmas gifts last year. There is nothing like the gift of fire making is there?

What do you think of these? Have you made any for yourself? Are you planning to do it? If you do make some, share links to pics in the comments!