How to cheat at using a hand drill

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In this video from Sigma III Survival School we learn how to make the hand drill for friction fire so easy that almost anyone can do it. Its much more effective and less time consuming than the traditional method.

How To Start a Fire With A Ferro Rod

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In this video I show you how to make a tinder bundle using dried grass and lint, and I show you how to setup your fire using grass, then small twigs, then small branches. Once that is all set I show you how to light the fire with a ferro rod (aka firesteel).

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History Channel's "Alone" - A Review

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Have you seen or heard about The History Channel's new survival show "Alone"? If not, you need to check your local listings! At the time of this writing they have just finished episode four, and already five men have dropped out of the competition.

If you are not familiar with it, the show is a contest between 10 men who are dropped all over Vancouver Island and whoever survives the longest gets $500,000. Each man gets to take 10 tools with them, and they have to document their experience themselves. There are no camera crews!

To me it's like Naked and Afraid meets Survivorman. Except instead of being totally ridiculous like Naked and Afraid (I mean, when would you ever end up in a situation when you are naked and in the middle of nowhere?). It still has the amatuer survivalist aspect of it, but it has the realism of actual survival that Survivorman brought with it because for the contestants, help is hours away.

My favorite so far is Mitch Mitchell. He really seems to have his stuff together. He was the first to get fire in the cold wetlands of Vancouver Island. He has already found fresh water and as been able to catch a 5lb salmon. He's doing quite well compared to the others so far. Here is a little from his bio:
Mitch’s love for the outdoors began in typical fashion, playing in the woods near his hometown in Massachusetts. He also enjoyed fishing with his father and grandfather, who passed down to Mitch some of the traditional wilderness living skills from his family’s First Nations Canadian roots. These experiences planted the seeds for Mitch’s future in the wild. Mitch later joined the Boy Scouts of America, where he was exposed to the fundamentals of woodslore, consisting of firecraft, knotcraft, wood carving, group hiking standards, first aid, canoeing, shooting and navigation, among other skills. However, it was during a week-long camping trip when he found himself caught in the middle of a hurricane that he truly realized his passion for woodland living, bushcraft,and incorporating primitive skills into his daily life. Mitch is excited to face whatever might await him on Vancouver Island. Although he’s leaving behind his wife and daughter, he’s eager to test his limits, skills and love for the outdoors.

Here are the ten items Mitch selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. Axe
2. Sleeping bag
3. Bivi bag (gortex sleeping cover)
4. Large 2-quart pot
5. Ferro rod
6. 300 yards of single filament fishing line with 25 assorted hooks
7. Small gauge gill net
8. Bow and 6 arrows
9. Knife
10. Sharpening stone
Looking at his 10 tools, do you think he brought the right items? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments. Also, have you seen the show? Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comments as well!