A while back I wrote about my every day carry (EDC) items, and on that list was my Gerber 06 FAST knife. Well, I've since traded up for something that is way less expensive, and I feel is just as good of a knife if not better. I'm talking about the United Cutlery Tailwind Assisted Opening Urban Tactical Stiletto knife.

Before I go any further, here are the specs:
  • Razor-sharp 7Cr13 stainless steel blade
  • Exclusive Tailwind assisted-open mechanism
  • Built-in blade spur for one-hand opening
  • Slim profile makes it discreet
  • Injection-molded nylon handle
  • 4 3/4" closed; 8 3/4" overall
This knife goes for about $10 on BudK, so at this price point I actually bought three of them. I bought one as a gift, one to carry and one as a backup in case I lost the one I was carrying. Now, BudK has tons of cheap ass knives, so I normally admire them for their looks then keep flipping through the catalog. This one was made by United Cutlery though, which actually makes pretty decent knives. I have quite a few United Cutlery knifes that have lasted me a very long time.

Well this one is no different. Despite the $10 price tag, it really is a very well made knife and holds an edge like you wouldn't believe. I've used it for everything from wood carving to box opening and it hasn't failed me yet. It also has a clip on one side so you can clip it to your pocket or belt. I tied a little bit of paracord on the end of mine for some decoration.

This knife is basically a switch blade, and the opening is lightning fast. Just a flick on the blade spur releases the blade and the spring assisted opening does it's job. One handed opening and closing is a breeze. I couldn't imaging carrying another knife around with me every day now, and I own a lot of knives! This one is just so convenient, and durable it immediately became my goto for EDC.

Are there better knives out there? Yes. Are there better knives out there for the price? I don't think so. I highly recommend this knife.