The 6 P's of survival

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We've all heard of Dave Canterbury's 5 C's of survival right? Well have you heard of the 6 P's?

I guess it doesn't just apply to survival, but life in general. I first heard of the 6 P's in the Navy, and again recently while watching a rerun of The Legend of Mick Dodge. This goes perfectly with my philosophy on survival, which basically stresses being prepared.

The 6 P's are:
  • Prior 
  • Preparation
  • Prevents
  • Piss
  • Poor 
  • Performance
Pretty simple right? So for example, if you know you are going our hiking in the back country bring stuff you might need out there. My four items is a great place to start.

Also be aware of the environment you are heading into. Another example is if I'm going up to The Grand Mesa where it is basically a rain forest, I bring my own tinder in the form of dryer lint and hand sanitizer because I know finding dry tinder up there is near impossible.

What sort of examples do you have of being prepared to prevent piss poor performance? Let us know in the comments!