A few weeks ago my brother and I took my kids up to The Grand Mesa for a day hike. We were originally looking for the West Bench Trail, but Google Maps took us to an old back road and left us without a trail-head. My brother and I decided to just go explore the woods with the kids and make our own trail.

On the way I found a few stumps that yielded some really decent fat wood. Check out the pictures!

My son stopped to eat some lunch as well while my daughter explored the trees.

The most fun part on the hike was when my brother Craig was showing the kids how to start a fire using a magnesium bar fire starter and my Hawke Peregrine 2.0 knife. Check out the video of that!

As you can see in the above video, my brother's ferro rod striking was a bit unorthodox, but it worked. It sort of reminded me of old flint and steel striking, but I digress...

After that, we also showed the kids how dried pine pitch, or pine resin can be used as a fire extender and we melted two huge chunks of pine sap which burned like napalm on the piece of bark we were using as a fire base. Check that out!

We had such a great time making our own trail, learning about nature and survival, and just getting some exercise in the great outdoors!