My new batch of homemade ferro rods! #Survival

Posted by El DiPablo | 7:00 AM |

Last year I wrote about my homemade antler handle ferro rods. This year., I decided to make some more ferro rods using some pieces of wood found around my area (Plus two made of Poplar dowels).

I suppose you are wondering why someone would need so many ferro rods. Well, I'm a little bit of a prepper and I've also resolved to never have to make fire by friction. Plus, ferro rods are great in any weather condition for starting fires.

This time I purchased a lot of 16 ferro rods from Amazon, and at the time of this writing the rods only cost about $1.56 each. Compare that to $4.00 for one Coghlan ferro rod.

Anyway, once I got the rods I cut some branches from various trees and bushes around my area, mainly lilac, ash, and aspen wood. I whittled them down, sanded them a bit and drilled some holes to put the rods into. On the rods themselves I took a hack saw and sawed grooves in the end so the Gorilla Glue I used had something to expand and grip onto better.

Here is a batch drying after having been glued:

Here is a set after having been dipped into some Thompson's Water Seal. Before dipping I cut off any excess Gorilla Glue and re-sanded it a bit to smooth it back out:

I'm going to give a couple of these away as gifts to friends and loved ones. The rest I'm going to keep on hand in case I ever need them. Making these myself allows me to have a bunch of ferro rods handy at a cheaper price than buying commercial versions, and it also allows me to have unique rods that no one else has.