Alone's Season 1 winner Alan Kay
I am not a survival expert at all, I am more of a student, but I do have some ideas on stuff I would bring for my 10 items on History's Alone if I was ever brave or crazy enough to go.

Of course my list is based purely on the first season where contestants were dropped in the super wet environment of Vancouver Island where it's cold and there is so much moisture that making fire is very difficult. Who knows where the next season will take place?

Also, some of my results are based on what I saw on the show, what worked as well as some other elements like preference and Dave Canterbury's Five C's of Survival. Finally, I'm not completely sure what you are allowed to take and what you are not. I know from watching Youtube videos from some of the contestants that some items were off limits (lighters and matches for example) and they had a secret list of 40 items they could choose from.

Here's my list:
  • Magbar - In a wet environment like Vancouver Island finding dry tinder is very difficult. A smart idea would to bring something that can be used as tinder and can start damp wood on fire. A magnesium fire starter could do that. I'd bring a big one though like the Maxi-Match.
  • Fixed blade knife - Experts agree that a knife is one of the most important tools you can have in your survival kit. My current favorite is my modified Hawke Peregrine 2.0.
  • Covered cooking pot - This is necessary for processing water and for cooking. Something like a Stansport would probably work out.
  • Fire retardant tarp - I'd like to bring an over-sized fire retardant tarp for use in making a shelter. With the fire retardant material I can have my fire in close proximity to where I'm sleeping so I can stay warm. If it's extra large I can also cut the excess off and use it for cordage, water catching in the rain, carrying supplies etc. It's just a good thing to bring.
  • 750 Paracord - Alone allowed up to 20 meters of paracord which is a little more that 65 feet. That's quite a bit of cordage, plus it's durable and with the inner strands very versatile.
  • Sub-zero sleeping bag - I'd be sure to bring a sleeping bag that was rated for sub-zero temperatures in case I had to stay out into the winter months.
  • Slingshot - Some contestants brought a bow with arrows. I think I'd probably like carrying a slingshot better. With all of the rocks around the water front I'd have almost unlimited ammo. I could use it for small game hunting.
  • Folding saw - I think I'd prefer bringing a folding saw for processing larger wood pieces and building shelter with over a chopping tool like an axe. I think sawing is more efficient than chopping and doesn't use as many calories to use.
  • Fishing line/hooks - Contestants were allowed to bring 300 yards of fishing line and 25 assorted hooks. Catching fish would probably be the easiest way of obtaining food.
  • Canteen - I think since you can go roughly three weeks at a time without food, but only three days without water having a canteen would be nice to keep water at the ready after I boiled it in my pot. If they let me bring a military canteen set as one item it would be a bonus and I'd have an extra utensil for cooking with.
That's my list. What would you bring and Why? Let us know in the comments!