I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this past weekend! Mine was okay, except I didn't have my munchkins this year because they spent the holiday with their mom. Still though, I got to spend it with others who are also very important to me, but I digress...

I wanted to show you the custom knife sheaths I made for my USN KA-BAR knife, my Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife and my Hawke Peregrine 2.0 knife. Out of these three, the only one that had a stock knife sheath that I hated was the Bear Grylls knife. The others have really well made sheaths. Still though, I like the mountain man style of sheath and felt that these knives would look cooler on me if I was wearing them in a custom leather sheath that I made myself!

Let's start with my KA-Bar sheath. This was actually the third one I made, so by the time I had this one done I was getting pretty good at sheath making. My only problem with stock KA-BAR sheaths is that they hang too low in my opinion. I prefer my knives to ride a little higher, and with the single slot mountain man style I can also comfortable wear it on the small of my back!

Custom KA-Bar mountain man sheath

This next one is my favorite! It's for my Bear Grylls knife. The reason it is my favorite is not only because I think it turned out the best, but also because the stock sheath looked so cheesy! This sheath makes the Bear Grylls knife look so cool in my opinion! Just like the other sheaths, this is made using the one slit mountain man style. The difference between this one and the other two is that because the knife doesn't really have a hilt I was able to mold the leather to fit over the handle part way by soaking the leather first in water and drying it over the blade and handle thus making a securing strap unnecessary.

Custom Bear Grylls mountain man sheath
Finally here is the sheath I made for the Hawke Peregrine 2.0 knife. It was the first sheath I made and although I'm happy with it, it didn't turn out as good as I wanted. After making this one I quickly figured out the rivets were not necessary, the inner piece of leather needed to be a tad bit thicker and I could have used a little more leather cement to secure it. Still though, the sheath is durable and I've taken it out in the wild several times now without issue.

Custom Hawke Peregrine mountain man sheath

You can also see that on every one of these knives I added a ferro rod holder strap so I can take a combustion tool with me no matter where I go. The Bear Grylls knife is the only one that comes with one as a part of its stock sheath. Having the ferro rod in place also helps to better secure the sheath to my belt.

I think if I were to do any of these over again I would use thicker leather. For the bulk of the sheath I used some strap leather from Crazy Crow Trading Post, and it turned out to not be very thick at all. The inner pieces of leather I picked up from Michaels and is bordering on raw hide. I think I'd use a belt type leather next time, but these ones will be fine for now.

So what do you think? Like them, hate them? Let me know in the comments!

EDIT: After writing this post I decided to make a new sheath for the Hawke Peregrine, and I decided to go with a similar design to my Bear Grylls sheath. One difference though is in the ferro rod holder. I made this one longer and tighter to ensure the rod stayed in more secure. I LOVE this one! Check it out!