A few months ago I got a tip on a geocache that has eluded me twice in a row. It was called Sheep Camp, and was hidden by a cacher known as Whizzkid. Whizzkid is one of those cachers that likes to make his caches really difficult to find, and I'm not just talking about how he hides them. He also doesn't like to write much in the description, give hints or even tell you what size the object you are looking for is. Basically, his stuff is almost impossible to find.

Well, I finally ran into a family of cachers and one of them told me what to look for at Sheep Camp, so my girlfriend and I packed the kids in the car and drove out to the desert to once again look for Sheep Camp! My girlfriend was the one to make the find, and she was super happy about it because it was the first time she actually made the find on any of our caching adventures! If you go looking for it, you should know that Whizzkid has a drill, and likes to put holes in stuff.

Over by Sheep Camp there was another cache that I had never been able to find in the past as well, and that one is called Coyote Oblisk (sic). It is a really cool cairn or man made rock stack formation, and each time I looked for it before I always made the mistake of looking in the cairn itself. Here is a picture of it from the first time I looked for it.

The picture doesn't do it justice. The cairn is probably 6.5-7 feet tall. Anyway, after reading one of the latest logs we got the hint to check the big crack area in front of the cairn and BOOM! My daughter and I both spotted it!

Since the last time I was out in this area, someone hid a new cache called Coyote and Cabin Vistas named after the cairn cache and a cabin down below in the canyon. The hint for this was "toe of camel" and my dirty mind started looking for a vagina shaped rock formation. It turned out to be hidden in a tin Camel cigarette container instead! LOL! Anyway, here is my little Bubs with the cache.

With these three caches I finally completed just about all of the caches in the area!

Some more have sprung up in the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area though, so I'll have to head out and find them when I have some time. Still though, after two previous attempts finding these felt pretty damned good!