Set Up Your Pack Right!

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It's fairly common for me to see people hiking around with large MOLLE packs without anything attached, which defeats the purpose of having the webbing there in the first place and only serves to add weight. I set up my pack for "work" with firearms, and turned it into a portable workspace so that items are easily accessible whether on the move or nested up.

Waterproof Cotton Firestarter

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Using cotton rounds, paraffin wax, and a blow torch I go thru the process of making a batch of water-proof cotton fire starters.

Easy Fishing Technique From The Seashore!

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This fish is Blackspot sergeant or Abudefduf sordidus. It presents no threats to humans, and does not get any bigger than 24 cm.

Pocket Survival Kit

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An overview of a lightweight pocket survival kit by Guardian556. Some of the contents were purchased from

Making an Axe Handle using Ash

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This was my first attempt at making an Axe handle, I used a British Ash which is notoriously good for handles dealing with shock well. As this was my first time making an Axe handle I took it slow and steady, being more experienced now I would stick with the Axe for longer removing more material quicker.